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5 General Service ContractorCreation Exhibitor Service Manual (Kit) Sent to confirmed and registered exhibitors Order forms for all exhibitor services of the contractor and contractor View rules and regulations 9 Contract contractor exhibitorsWork specifically with the exhibiting company throughout the year, often at more than one show Generally in the areas of: Assembly and dismantling D├ęcor Design and storage of the exhibition “Exclusive” – Services ordered only by an official service provider and the management of the exhibition Your organizer and the general service provider of the event are often the main sources of event-specific information for the exhibition. Please inquire with the organizer or general contractor. For any building-specific questions, please visit our exhibitor page for the first time or contact McCormick Place support. Suppliers or service providers selected by the general contractor are called official contractors. Don`t let the title fool you. A trade show coordinator can choose any supplier or specialized supplier (but they can offer services at a discounted price, so always check). 10 Relationships Trade show organizers hire the general service contractorRequest for Proposal (RFP) Process partnership evolves as show planning progresses The general services contractor offers marketing themes, design layout, floor plans, color schemes General service contractor and show organizers Select specialized service providers Maintain the history of the Development, production and exhibitor needs 2 Definition Service ContractorQuiconque uses a product or Service for exhibitors or the show offers management during the show or conference itself. Historically called “decorators” Involved in all aspects of the sow, from moving in to performing the show through demolition and removal. 4 General Service Contractor Mandated by the Exhibition Management to provide services to exhibitors: Design and construction of the exhibition Assembly and dismantling of carpets, furniture and signage Interface with the syndicate and the work Rigging and handling Of materials Similar to an exclusive contractor, these contractors are usually the in-house contractor of choice for an installation.

A trade show organizer is not obliged to use them when organizing an event in his establishment. However, as an exclusive contractor, they know the space very well and know all the weak points of an installation and know how to get around them. Working with a preferred contractor for a facility can also improve the results of your event, as they can provide pricing incentives or partner with local labor. 6 General Service ContractorThe Role Continues to Evolve: Expanding Its Range of Services Some Convention Centers Are Doing What Contractors Used to Do Centralized Billing Event Marketing Consulting /Production Corporate Event Programs Multi-Event Exhibition Programs Private Shows New Product Launches Hospitality Events Traveling Exhibitions New Technologies Floor Plans Material Handling Development While an exclusive entrepreneur is like an arranged marriage, a privileged entrepreneur is more like a blind date. Maybe you`ll get along, maybe you won`t, but you can decide for yourself if you want to pursue a relationship with them. Exclusive contractors are not appointed by an exhibitor or mandated by a trade show coordinator, but by the institution. These establishments are happy to offer a one-stop solution for salon managers, which makes it a little easier to choose a service partner. Institutions choose an exclusive general service provider that trade show managers must use if they want to host their event in this facility. This means that everything is managed by the exclusive contractor. The decoration, the management of the freight, the construction of the stands and the requirements of the exhibition hall are taken care of by the exclusive contractor. It is important to respect the rules of the exclusive contractor and the contract in your communication with your exhibitors.

An exhibitor-designated contractor is an external subcontractor engaged by an exhibitor to assist with the installation and dismantling of the stand, as well as other non-exclusive services that it may require during and after the show. Ultimately, you need to have a clear understanding of the differences between the different types of salon contractors and know who to hire for what tasks. This can be a win for trade show managers, as the exclusive contractor knows the floor plans and is able to support a salon manager with ideas for the particular venue. In return, some facilities may receive a small referral payment from their exclusive contractor. Be sure to research and investigate your potential exclusive contractor before signing the agreement with the facility. A general service contractor is an entrepreneur who has been mandated by the show coordinator to take care of much of the essential logistics. A CGC is not only responsible for building and dismantling the physical aspects of the show, but also has a variety of other responsibilities that come with producing a show, such as. McCormick Place is the exclusive provider of Internet and telecommunications services. Order Internet and telecommunications services online and learn more about our services. It`s not just our size that makes us the premier convention center in North America, it`s also our infrastructure, skilled workforce, and excellent customer service approach to making your Chicago experience easy and flexible.

Hopefully, this will alleviate any confusion or stress you may have had about the contractor selection process. Understanding the differences can save you time and resources at your next event by knowing who the players are and how they fit into the overall picture of the show. Good luck! If an exhibitor decides to appoint their own independent contractor, they must inform the exhibition coordinator and GSC of their intentions. There is a process that must be followed, including filling out forms and providing proof of insurance coverage. There are deadlines that must be met during the notification process. Otherwise, an exhibitor will use products and services provided by the councils of the General Secretariat and the official contractors already designated. Hiring a contractor sounds simple enough, but in the trade show industry, there are many different types of entrepreneurs who all look the same, but each has unique responsibilities that set them apart from the rest. Services and supplies that an official contractor could provide may include: The McCormick Place restoration operation is operated by SAVOR. Chicago. For more information on catering and ordering food, please visit their website, SAVOR.

Services to Chicago exhibitors. Interior Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd Welcome to our six-step process for the interior design of your commercial space. 6 6. 8 Specialized Contractors Specialized Services Include: Audiovisual Business Services Catering Cleaning Services Communication and IT Consulting Drayage & Freight Electric Flower Furniture Planning and Monitoring Lighting Models / Hostesses and Speakers Utilities Photography Post – Parcel Services Security Industry-Specific Translators 11 Associations Trade Associations Abound – Something for Everyone! Exhibition Services and Contractors Association Exhibit Display Producers Association Exhibitor Appointed Contractors Association International Association for Exhibition Management Exhibition Management Association of Canada National Consumer Fairs Trade Fairs Exhibitors Association Exhibition Industry Research Centre New exhibition planning made easier! The webinar will start in a few minutes. .