Corporate disputes

  • directors’ and supervisors’ liability
  • disputes involving the takeover of a company
  • shareholders’ disputes
  • joint venture disputes

Commercial disputes

  • contractual disputes
  • professional liability
  • matters involving commercial liability

Financial law disputes

  • disputes regarding the duty of care which banks, insurance companies and other providers of financial services are under
  • disputes involving asset management and investment advice
  • disputes regarding financing agreements and credit agreements
  • regulators’ liability

Collective actions

  • Collective claims:
    • Securities fraud
    • Consumer protection
    • Product liability
    • Financial products
    • Competition/follow on damages
    • Privacy infringements
  • collective actions under the WAMCA (Wet Afwikkeling Massaschade in Collectieve Actie)
  • collective settlements on the basis of the WCAM (Wet Collectieve afwikkeling massaschade)


  • act as counsel or arbitrator
  • commercial arbitration (under the ICC, LCIA, UNCITRAL, and NAI rules, amongst others)
  • investor-state arbitration (under the ICSID Convention, amongst others)
  • annulment and enforcement of arbitral awards and foreign judgments

Corporate governance advice

  • advisor to Management Boards, Supervisory Boards and shareholders, both in listed and private companies